Welcome to Keimac Circuit Solutions, your source for high quality design and electronics product development.

Keimac Circuit Solutions has been helping people bring their concepts to reality since 2002.  We have successfully designed and managed various projects from the early stages of development through to production – from concept to creation.  We offer services from design through to production and every stage in between.

Simply need a schematic converted from a napkin or piece of paper to an schematic1electronic version of the same?  We can do that.  Keimac Circuit Solutions can take care of creating all the symbols necessary for your design.  We reference the manufacturers data sheets to ensure the symbols are accurate in every way.

Once your schematic is finished we can take the design and extract the Bill of Materials (BOM) from it.  This BOM can be given to you for purchasing the components for the design or we can use to source the parts for you.  We only buy from reputable sources meaning you don’t need to worry about quality or counterfeit components.

Additionally, your electronic version will be ready to export to a layout tool to have a printed circuit board created.  Keimac Circuit Solutions has been designing circuit boards for longer than the business has been around.  A lot of experience has been gathered and we can offer design work from the simplest design to the most complex designs.  Once the design work is done we compile a complete package of gerber files.  You can order boards directly from these files or have us do it.  Need a stencil made?  No problem, the files are included for that.  Need your bare board sent to a contract manufacturer?  Again, no problem, the files are included for that as well.

You can also utilize parts1our in-house assembly processes.  We understand that many       designs need to be proven before they go to full production.  Keimac Circuit Solutions can work with you to produce one or a dozen of your boards, fully populated, so that you can validate your design before committing to large scale production.  Your design is complete, tested and ready to go but you only need small quantities every month or two?  No problem.  Once again Keimac Circuit Solutions can fill this need.  We realize that many products are low volume and application specific.  We can set you up to meet your low volume production quantities at reasonable prices.

Need help with the test and debug of your assembled boards?  Keimac Circuit Solutions is uniquely positioned to be able to assist you with that as well.  We have over 25 years of electronics test, debug and repair experience.  Need an extra part “kluged” into your circuit, we can do it; need traces cut, parts debugged and components shoehorned in?  Again, this is our specialty – put us to the test and give us a challenge.

Take a few minutes to browse our pages to discover what Keimac Circuit Solutions can offer you.  Utilize all our services or just one, Keimac Circuit Solutions will be happy to assist you in any way.  Contact us today and let us know what you need and see how we can help you.

From Concept to Creation, Keimac Circuit Solutions can help!